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Found an annoying error on Linux Mint v17.1 ‘Rebecca’ MATE 64-bit. The CPU went up to 100% with a process called ‘mate-settings-daemon‘.

With a little help from strace it was some privileges problems in the ~/.cache folder.  One of the folders (dconf) had changed user from my own to root and I have no idea of how that could have happened. Anyway, did the following:

sudo chown -R <username>:<username> ~/.conf 
sudo pkill -9 -f mate-settings-daemon

After that I also had to uncheck the “remember-numlock-state” setting with the “dconf-editor



That seems to have done the trick.


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  1. Hi jima

    with Your trick I finally could solve this !!!very!!! annoying bug!

    But there are other files in the cache owned by root which eventually should stay so – I couldn’t find any infos about a file called “gnome-system-monitor.root.###” (where ### is a number), but this one should by owned by root by some unknown reasons. So it would be better just to switch the ownership of ~/.cache/dconf/

    # chown -R : /home//.cache/dconf/
    $ sudo chown -R $USER:$USER ~/.cache/dconf/

    In Mint the dconf-editor is not installed by default, so another way to set the remember-numlock-state to false is:

    $ gsettings set org.cinnamon.settings-daemon.peripherals.keyboard remember-numlock-state false

    (to get the current state:
    $ gsettings get org.cinnamon.settings-daemon.peripherals.keyboard remember-numlock-state

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